Local businesses! TNPledge has a “business toolkit” available to you at tnpledge.com.

The toolkit includes many helpful tools for businesses, such as:

*   Printable PDF docs of all of the TN guidelines to date.
*   Posters (like the blue one attached) that businesses can post in the front of their establishment to give confidence to customers that they are following the safeguarding guidelines outlined in the TN Pledge.
*   Posters (like the white one attached) that a business can post in back of the house, as a demonstration to their employees that they are taking the recommended safety precautions to create a safe work environment.
*   Several graphics that employers can use on their social media accounts.

We will be continuously adding items to the toolkit in the coming days, including notably a PPE section with lists of businesses who have reached out to the state to say they can make face coverings, bulk sanitizer, and other PPE.


Find out more information at tnpledge.com.